Raaj Standardized Milk | Raaj Active Milk

Standardized Active Milk may be used by any People Having Good Physical Activity and For any one from Small children to Active Adults.

Active Raaj Milk

SM Nutrition

ContentApprox Value (in 100 grams)
Energy77 Kcal
Milk Fat4.5 g
Milk Protein3.24 g
Carbohydrates5.7 g
Calcium125 mg
Sodium34.65 mg
Potassium76.23 mg


  • Raaj Active Milk is the Most Hygenic Standardized Milk in the Market.

  • Pasteurized and Homogenised to deliver the Goodness of milk in Most Advanced Machinery.

Shelf Life

  • 48 Hours from the date of packing if kept continuously under refrigeration below 5°C

Storage Condition

  • Continuously under Refrigeration below 5°C

Packing Options

  • 40 Ltr Cans

  • Pouches :  1 Ltr, 500 ml, 200 ml.