AMCU (Village level)
  • Monthly Combined Feed Recommendation Camp by a Veterinarian
  • Disease prevention Awareness and Early Identification Training and Group Discussions
  • Training and Recommendation for Sustainable Fodder Development Practices
  • Training and Recommendation for Producing the Milk with High Nutritional Value
  • Educating the Farmers on Good Farming Practices and Importance of Milk
  • Insisting of Healthy Feed to Animal, Resulting in High Protein Milk
Chilling Center / BMC
  • Animal Feed Stocking and Distribution (Margin Free)
  • CC Veterinarian for Route wise VLCC Visit and Farmer Visit
  • CC Area Visit By Agriculture Universities to Deliver Recommendation and Good Farming Practices of Fodder Cultivation, Area Suitability and Training.
Liquid Milk processing Dairy
  • Procurement Staff Training on Quality and Recomending Indegeneous Breeds of Cows for Genetic Reasons
  • Procurement Division Training Importance of Farm to Table Concepts
  • Sustainable, Scalable Procurement Development strategy Implementations
  • Sustainable Fodder Development Methodologies

We Purchase the Milk in Selected Farms, Who follows the Good Farming Practices in the Farming Areas around Theni, Ambasamudram, Usilampatti, Bodi, Periakulam, Batlagundu, Nilakottai, Dindigul, Natham, Palani, Dharapuram, Karur, Udumalpet, Pollachi, Karur, Kulithalai, Thiruchirapalli, Namakkal and in Most of the Active Farming Areas.

We Provide a Sustainable Milk Market to the Farms Directly – In Accordance with our Vision of Providing Sustainable Rural Development by taking the Market to Reach our Farming Friends.

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