Milk Composition

Milk Contains Milk Solids & Native Milk Water

Milk contains FAT, SNF and Native Milk Water

Milk Solids Detailed

Milk is Consumed for the

  • Fat – Sustainable Energy Providing Fuel.
  • Proteins – The building Block for all Living Beings.
  • Lactose (Carbohydrates) – A Primary Fuel for our Body.
  • Minerals – Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus in the Most Bio Available form.
  • Vitamins – All the Essential Vitamins in Right Portions  

Humans are Mammals that have Milk as Primary Source of Protein and Fat In Initial Stages of Life. As Humans are Mammals, Having Milk as a Source of Food is the Right ways and Hence Milk is called the “Most Perfect Food”

We Humans Like to have a Ratio Between the amount of Fat and Proteins that we consume in our Regular Diet Due to Variuos reasons like Life Style, Work Nature Etc. Hence the Milk (Nature’s Most Perfect Food) was Rationalised to Get the Best of Milk in a Ratio Suitable for Each and Everyones Need for Every Stage of Life.

The Milk is Standardized to Achive preferable Ratio Between FAT & Proteins

Lean Raaj Milk Raaj Lean Milk 

Double Toned Milk

Ideal Raaj Milk Raaj Ideal Milk

Toned Milk

Active Raaj Milk Raaj Active Milk

Standardized Milk

Cafe Raaj Milk Raaj Cafe Milk

Full Cream Milk

The Different Types in Milk Can Also Be Explained as Below

Milk Standards and their Fat to Proteins Ratio Can Be Clearly Seen as

Fat : Proteins Ratio

Milk can be Defined as (all data are in % of Milk)

Milk Standardization can be Detailed as Below

Raaj Milk Powders Composition

Paneer / Cheese / Cottage Cheese Composition