Raaj Milk - Our Speciality

By Reading through the Articles on Goodness of Milk You should be Clear about its Nutritional Value and Other Important Benefits of Milk.

Rightly Said Milk Is the “Nature’s Most Nearly Perfect Food”.


Here at Raaj Milk, Our Team of Experts in Joint Venture with the TOP Universities in India and Abroad Work on the Technology to Deliver the Goodness (Proteins, Vitamins and Nutrients) in the Best Possibile form to our Customers.

We are Also working with the Leading Manufacturers of Dairy Machinery to Customise the Machines for the Purpose of Delivering Nutrients in the Best Absorbable form.

Our Special Heating Process Ensures the Proteins are in their Most Natural Form Possible and the Pasteurized milk is Checked for the Nutrients on Regular basis to Deliver Goodness.

Milk Purchase

Our Team of Experts Continuously Guide the Field staff to study and Report the Animal Feeding Patterns across our Milk Purchase Zone to ensure that we buy from the Farms who practice Sustainable, Good and Healthy Farming Practices like Animal Health, Animal Nutrition, Fodder Recommendation – Healthy Fodder Gives Healthy Milk.

We work with several Rural Universities to give our Farmers a Better Competitive Environment and a Sustainable and Responsible Farming and Animal Husbandry Practices. We Conduct Training Programs on

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Sustainable Fodder Development
  • Scalable Farming Practices
  • Healthy Cow to Healthy Milk to Healthy Revenue
  • Better Farming Economics due to Sustainable Practices

Our Field Staff Work Closely with 2000 + Farmers and 9000+ Milking Cows in our Procurement Zone to Bring you the Best of Dairy, as we Term ” The Goodness of Milk” with Stringent Checks for Adulteration and Additives.

By Keeping the Better Control and Direct Farmer Industry Linkage, We Deliver the Best Milk in the Market with Excellent Nutrition Profile to Give the Maximum Value for our Customers Money.

Most of the Factors Stated above are Subtle i.e. Not Clearly Visible to Identify. But,

We Strongly Work to Deliver Better Performance of Milk and Better Satisfaction to our Customers.

We Process the Milk Using 100% Renewable Electrical Energy. We Ensure We are environmentally Friendly whereever and However posssible.we are Also Working on Making Raaj Milk a Carbon Negative Company(Releasing Less Carbon To the Atmosphere than that can be absorbed by our Plantations) By Developing Forestry in and around our Milk Purchase area to Promote Better Rainfall, as an Indirect Help to our Farmers and in line of Service to this Great Country.