Raaj Milk | 100 % Safe Hygienic & Quality Assured Milk

Sustainabily Procured from Selected Free Range Cattle Farms. (Naturally Grazed Cows)

Cow’s Health Closely Monitored to produce Best Milk. (All Natural)

All Milk is Tested Before Purchase to Make Sure 100% Safe Hygienic & Quality Assured Milk Reaches our Customers in the Most Fresh and Economic way.

Raaj Milk Ensures Minimum Environment Impact  (Efficient Transportation and 100% Renewable Energy)

Every Saturday 11 AM and 4 PM | Free Factory Visit | Open to Public Factory

All Test Results Posted Online for Customer Confidence. 

Saturday 11 am & 4 pm

Raaj Milk is

  • Free from All Adulteration(Every Batch Tested)
  • Safe Microbially (Every Batch Tested)
  • Free from  Harmful Bacteria
  • Free from Pesticide Residue
  • Free from AntiBiotic Residue
  • Free from Heavy Metal Residue
  • Free from Aflotoxins

Raaj Milk is Full of Goodness 

(Tested and Results Posted in this Website)

100% Company

Raaj Milk

All Raaj Milk Products are Made from 99.98% Farm Fresh, Grass Grazed, Free Range, Carefully & Responsibily Sourced Cow’s Milk.

Goodness for Everyone at Every Stage of Life.

From Your Friend’s Farms to your Home, Raaj Milk, Protects and Delivers the Natural Goodness of Dairy.